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We are a company that offer multi-brand advice in the wind business and successfully build wide and lasting relationships with our clients


About Us

Our motto „Building Better Energy“ stands for unlimited engagement in projects, which enables us to be a trustworthy and reliable partner for our customers.

We are an independent, impartial advisor. Our team consists of various specialists and many industries that combine more than 15 years of experience in the wind business. Including: safety and health management, construction, services, installation, monitoring. Particular attention is paid to quality, security and timeliness. Many years of experience and knowledge enable us to find the right technical and legal solutions to the obstacles that arise in the investment process. Knowledge of the local market enables us to organize the construction process efficiently and to organize and process the offers on behalf of the customer. Both financially and technically.

We have all of europe experience to implement the different services.Our experience is confirmed by many completed projects and satisfied customers.

Wind Consulting

Our motto „Building Better Energy“ stands for unlimited engagement in projects, which enables us to be a trustworthy and reliable partner for our customers.


This service is to support the Client in the investment process both in legal and technical matters, as well as correct examination, watching over budget and time schedule of project. To fulfil this kind of services we dedicate interdisciplinary, experienced team consisted, depends of project, with: Project Manager, Team of multibranch inspectors, Tenant coordinator, Site Manager, Cost Controller, as well as the Project Administrator and Construction Engineer.


Investor Supervision Investor Technical Supervision in the time of executing building works. It starts from the time of application for the beginning of the works until final reception of the investment by the Client. This kind of service gives Client the possibilities to verify the quality of executed works by the Contractor, as well as advancement and the speed of works. We propose, a multi-branch service of supervision in: architecture, construction, electrical, sanitary, HVAC and road.


Construction management services are directed to Customers, who decide for selecting contractors for various work packages what is working in the situation where Client wants to have complete control over the cost of execution works and seeks for cost optimization by eliminating the assumed profit of General Contractor. Working in construction management formula allows for full control of scope of works, thanks to clear division of them between specialized contractors, obtaining market prices for the various works and, most importantly, the freedom of action and decision-making during the development.

Wind Gearbox Service

To meet the market needs, SC Wind has launched a gearbox repair and service department.

SC Wind has many years of experience in the construction and service of wind turbines onshore ond offshore, viele of well-trained technicians providing full on-neld support.

SC Wind is full equipped for professionol repairs of on brand wind turbine gear boxes. We  con  go   even   further. Our engineering competence is re ected in   the   high-end remanufacturing  of old wind turbine gearbox.

 Preventive and corrective maintenance services on wind turbine gearboxes are important and complex task. Thus, as an independent service company, we offer to our customers extensive know-how, technical support, and accurate reporting in the scope of:

  • Gearbox Replacements
  • Endoscope Inspections
  • Gearbox Regeneration
  • Spare Par
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Vibration Measurements
  • Gear and Bearing Exchange


End of warranty

We produce a thorough and complete set of inspection reports for our clients. These reports show faults, premature damage and excessive wear. They make sure the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) meet their contractual terms and address these issues before the end of the warranty. We also offer all EoW client-services as stand-alone inspections.

Life extension assessment

Extending the life of existing wind turbines can significantly increase return on investment. When looking at extending operational life, we use an analytical and practical approach to carry out detailed turbine assessments. These assessments let us know if turbines are fit for lifetime extension and if they are safe and reliable.

Drivetrain inspections

We use state-of-the-art endoscopic technology and our knowledge of wind turbine bearing and gearbox arrangements to collect images that show the condition of the internal individual components of a turbine drivetrain. Gear and bearing features are ISO standards classified.

Health & Safety

Our health and safety professionals have extensive experience working across a wide range of renewable and infrastructure projects. We can support clients with their health and safety needs across the project lifecycle through our committed and pragmatic approach.

We undertake project safety reviews using a due diligence approach.  We identify safety issues and risks that could challenge the success of a project early and address them proactively.  We also provide construction health and safety management, through the provision of site safety inspections.  Or team can also assess the skills, knowledge and experience of duty holders and facilitate and manage hazard identification workshops.

Another key area where we can provide support is through the preparation of safety management systems, the review and gap analysis of existing safety management systems and the undertaking of internal health and safety audits prior to audit by certifying bodies.

Unique to the on and offshore wind industry, our team can also provide health and safety management of wind turbine inspections, utilising experienced in-house project management, designers, engineers and safety personnel to ensure a safe working environment for all involved in inspection work.


We make dreams of a perfect partnership come true.

What do you have to do to make your dreams come true? We need an honest conversation, an open mind, a passion for work. These elements help us to hire new employees and build stable teams. Although we recruit with hard data, we have never forgotten personality aspects. Only the combination of these two elements is a recipe for success.

At SC Wind, HR stands for Human Relations.
We always focus on building long-term relationships with our customers, candidates and employees.

Team success!
The taste of success is great and it’s great when we have someone to share and celebrate with.In SC Wind we help each other, we work together. We are all on the same team.



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